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Welcome to, the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change what others think, believe, feel and do. There are already around 7000 pages here, all free and with much more to come!

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Recent Changes


Added Three Cs of Political Choice to Articles on Politics. Added Twelve Color Wheel to Visual Perception: How We See. Added Generalized Stimulus Control to Conditioning and Training Methods and Techniques. Added Using Coupons or Vouchers to Pricing in Marketing. Added To Change Behaviors, First Change Beliefs: an essay for change agents to Guest articles. Added But is it art? The tricky question of whether computers can be artists to Blog!


And a Happy New Year! Added Dialog Involvement to Sequential Requests. Added Trichromatic Colour Theory to Visual Perception: How We See. Added Action Chains to Conditioning and Training Methods and Techniques. Added This Week Only to Pricing in Marketing. Added Recognize Buyers on the First Call to Guest articles. Added The years spin by: the psychology of time perception and how our priorities change to Blog!


Happy Christmas everyone! Added Unit Asking to Sequential Requests. Added Hue Contrast to Visual Perception: How We See. Added Anticipation Response to Conditioning and Training Methods and Techniques. Added Few Left At Price to Pricing in Marketing. Added Guys Aren’t Gender Neutral: the how and why of (un)biased communication to Guest articles. Added Are we sleepwalking back to an age of feudal, absolute power? to Blog!


Added Test and Request to Sequential Requests. Added Vision Opponent Process Theory to Visual Perception: How We See. Added The Limited Hold to Conditioning and Training Methods and Techniques. Added Multiple Signs to Pricing in Marketing. Added Upselling with Integrity: connecting authentically with your target market to Guest articles. Added Negotiating chaos and lost trust: the price of bluff and bravado to Blog!

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